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what is yakedi?

Yakedi yak yak.. it's chat, banter, babble, gossip, news, love & fun. You know, a conversation with friends - just via sms, and free. Why should the world have to pay for sms, if yakedi's found a way to provide it to you for free?

We would really love to write pages & pages of complex (and ever so marketable) content about how free sms will change your life & change the world. But the fact is, we don't really do all that much; other than provide a free and easy way for you to sms all your friends & family.

If someone does come up with way for us to change the world by providing free sms, please do let us know. Maybe we can release that feature in Yakedi 2.0? We can, so we do, we just hope you enjoy!

how do you provide free sms?

It's not all that difficult really. When you sign up, you answer a few questions about yourself; that allows us to sell sponsored advertisements within the members area. For example: If you are an 22 year old male living in Australia, then you will probably see a banner ad for beer, music, sneakers or maybe a new band. Nothing intrusive, just simple banner ads within the members area, not unlike any other high traffic website really.

If you like the ads, click on them and check out our sponsors' offerings, after all, they make yakedi possible, so be sure to send the love back and check them out. And no, we wont send you spam email or spam sms. The sponsorship banners and the occasional email are as far as we go.

In a nutshell, our sponsors cover the cost of you sending free sms, just by placing their banners on Yakedi.


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Feel free to read our terms and conditions and privacy policy, no unreadable fine print. Just clear info. We'll provide free sms as long as you don't abuse the system.

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