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Registering as a Yakedi Member

Q: What are the steps that must be completed to Register on Yakedi
A: 1. Go to the Registration Page and enter your email address and personal info.
2. Check your email and click on the activation link in the email we send you.
3. Enter your mobile Phone Number and WAIT to recieve your SMS code on your phone. (do not close the browser window)
4. Enter the SMS code we sent you on your phone.
5. Select your password.
6. Login and SEND FREE SMS!

Q: I cant select my country from the Registration page
A: Yakedi registration is currently only open to Australian users.

Q: Will it cost me anything to become a member?
A: NO WAY! Yakedi Membership is 100% FREE, as are the SMS messages you send from Yakedi.com

Q: I didnt get the Activation Email. What do i do?
A: Sometimes, email from yakedi may be blocked by various junk mail scanners, check your junk mail folder. If the activation email's not in there. You can have the email resent by entering your details in the registration page again. If you still dont recieve the email, try registering again using a different email address.

Q: I didnt get the SMS confimation code, how can i complete my registration?
A: Click on the link in the registration email again, and try resending the sms code, if you still have not recieved a code after 1 hour, please contact support.

Q: I got the SMS code but i accidentally closed the browser, how can i complete my registration?
A: Go back to the registration email we sent you, and click on the link again, this will allow you to complete the registration process from where you left off.

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