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Sending Free SMS

Q: How do I send Free SMS with Yakedi?
A: Simple, first you need to log into your Yakedi account. From the members home page there is a tab at the top of the page that says "send sms", simply click on this and follow the prompts. Not a Yakedi Member yet? Click here to Register

Q: How many Free SMS messages can I send?
A: You can send 3 FREE SMS messages each and every day on Yakedi.com, PLUS you can earn even more BONUS SMS that you can use anytime. To earn more sms, click "Earn more free sms" when you've logged in

Q: Can I send sms to friends overseas?
A: Sure can! Just select the country you're sending to via the drop down list of supported countries in the sms send process. Yakedi will be adding more destination countries on an ongoing basis.

Q: Can I earn more free SMS?
A: Yakedi is currently building a loyalty and rewards program for you to earn even more free SMS.

Q: How can yakedi give me FREE SMS?
A: Pretty simple, our sponsors pay for the messages our members send through yakedi.com, in return, they show banner advertising on our website.

Q: Will there be advertising at the end of the SMS I send through Yakedi?
A: NO. Yakedi does not attach advertising messages to the end of the SMS you send to your friends using Yakedi.com

Q: Will anybody i send messages to recieve advertising from Yakedi?
A: NO. The only SMS they recieve will be the ones you send them.

Q: How long to SMS take to be delivered?
A: Usually within 10 seconds.

Q: Will my FREE SMS really get to it's recipient?
A: Yakedi's FREE SMS is EXTREMELY reliable. We we cannot however guarantee delivery of every single message. If any message you ever send is not recieved by the recipient, please email us and let us know so we can look into it.

Q: Can I send to Multiple people at once?
A: In order to pay for each single SMS, we need you to go through the 4 page process and view all the ads on each page. If you need to send messages to many recipients on an ongoing basis, perhaps Yakedi Platinum is for you, our business grade paid bulk messaging platform. email us at [email protected] for more info.

Q: I can't log in
A: Have you completed your registration and activated your account? Check the Registration help area to make sure you've completed everything reqiured to log into your yakedi account.

Q: I forgot my password, how can I retrieve it?
A: From the login page, you can click "password reminder" to go to the password reminder page. Simply enter your email address to be forwarded a password reminder email. Click here for a password reminder

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