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Yakedi will keep our users informed of scheduled updates, and new connections to different regions all over the world. We are working hard to provide Free SMS to everyone, everywhere - be sure to check back often!

yakedi.com News

20 May 2008
Yakedi Developing New Features!
Since hitting the one million SMS mark, we've accelerated our plans to bring you even more from Yakedi.

While we're keeping a lid on things for the moment, you can expect new features and functions for Yakedi to be rolling out in the next couple months. We'll have more details closer to the launch of our new functions.

You're gonna love it!

08 May 2008
Yakedi Sends Millionth SMS!
After a few short months in beta, Yakedi has sent ONE MILLION SMS, saving our users up to $250,000!

Yakedi is quite obviously a new service…. The scope is massive and plans for product roll outs are immense. Our first million SMS is a huge feat and one to be reckoned with.

Hip hip horray… our millionth SMS was sent by Jessica from Warrnambool, Victoria. Thanks Jessica, and congratulations on being our million sms baby… You can stand by the mail box to receive your gift… A FREE IPOD TOUCH!!!!

Hopefully YOU will be the 2MILLION SMS BABY!!!! KEEP SENDING!

Thanks to all our users for adopting Yakedi as closely as you have. Remember, Yakedi relies ONLY on advertising to stay alive. Please take the time to see what our sponsors are offering and Yakedi will be available for you to enjoy for a long time to come.

Cheers, The Yakedi Team.

10 April 2008
Yakedi has 25,000th sign up.
WOW… the first few months have been full on…

We’re not relaxing just yet though…. Life BEGINS at 25 !

Yakedi continues to roll… You have all told your mates… they have told their mates… and so on… etc… Now… We have a little family of users. We will expand on this real soon.

For now... Lets all applaud our efforts in getting to the 25,000 mark! Think you can help spread the word even more? Start referring today!!!

Click here to refer you mates. Let em in on our little secret… Yakedi… free sms… easy as!!!

23 November 2007
After months of development, Yakedi.com has launched for public Beta. We welcome any and all feedback. Please check back for scheduled updates

05 July 2007
Yakedi has connected to the Australian sms gateways, allowing Free SMS delivery to all Australian Mobile phones.

07 January 2007
So we decided on a name, the domain was available, and we decided we wanted it to look shiny. Site development commenced.

1 November 2006
Whilst sitting at a local cafe, we discussed the notion of how absurd the cost of telecommunications is, and specifically, SMS; considering how cheaply it could be provided. It was then decided, that nobody on the planet should have pay for sms again. Hence, yakedi was born.

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