Yakedi.com Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy sets out the approach which Yakedi (Click Republic Pty. Ltd.) will take in relation to the treatment of Personal Information.

This policy is in addition to details set out in our Terms of Service viewable at http://www.yakedi.com/policies/terms/

1. Collection & Use

1.1 Yakedi will only collect Personal Information where the information is necessary or helpful to perform one or more of its current or planned functions or activities, this information is volunteered by the user during the registration process, in subsequent requests made to the user, and by the users ongoing use of the services offered on Yakedi.com. In this context, "collect" means gather, acquire or obtain by any means, information in circumstances where the individual is identifiable or identified. Yakedi collects Personal Information primarily to supply users with the products and services provided by this site and its related companies. Yakedi will collect and use personally identifiable information from individuals where it is necessary for Yakedi to collect and use such information for an activity or function offered by Yakedi including the delivery of SMS messages and targeted advertising and promotions to the user on Yakedi.com or via email or SMS if so opted in, and for the purpose of optimizing and analyzing Yakediís web traffic via its servers, this may include the IP address and web browser used to access the Yakedi.com website.

1.2 Yakedi may use Cookies and embedded code to track a users activity on Yakedi.com or in relation to their activities on other websites where Yakedi offers its members rewards for such activities. The primary use of such tracking is to identify and confirm the user has performed specific actions and to credit them with the reward offered for such activity. If a user has blocked the use of cookies or tracking images, Yakedi may be unable to issue rewards for activities, or the user may have difficulty accessing the services on Yakedi.com

1.3 Yakedi collects Non-Personally identifiable information from its members during the registration process, in subsequent requests to the user, and by the users ongoing use of Yakedi.com. Yakedi may also remove personally identifiable attributes of data collected from its members by aggregating their details into groups, and communicating such aggregate data to current or potential advertisers and/or partners.

1.4 Yakedi may Disclose Personal Information to third parties to enable outsourcing of functions (such as customer relations management, server management, SMS and email delivery), in such cases, only the information required to deliver such services will be disclosed to the third party. Where used, such parties will be prohibited from using such information for any purpose other than the delivery of such services on behalf of Yakedi.

1.5 Yakedi may use third parties for the physical delivery of prizes won on the Yakedi.com website. In such circumstances it may be necessary to provide such third party with the winning memberís name, address and/or phone number for the purpose of delivery of their prize only.

1.6 Yakedi may employ third party advertising networks to deliver advertising on the Yakedi.com website or within emails sent to its members, in such cases, the third party may employ the use of cookies to track the users activity on their network.

1.7 Yakedi may Disclose Personally identifiable Information to law enforcement agencies, government agencies, or courts where permitted or required by law.

1.8 Yakedi will not give out your email address or phone number to any third party other than those required for outsourcing of Yakedi services as detailed in clauses 1.4 & 1.5

2. Security & Access

2.1 Yakedi will take reasonable measures to ensure that the personally identifiable information from its members and users collected remains secure including ongoing maintenance and monitoring of its servers and security systems.

2.2 On request Yakedi will allow members to view or receive copy of the personally identifiable information Yakedi holds for that user.

3. Communication

3.1 Yakedi members must agree to receive informational and or marketing emails and or SMS (if so opted in) from Yakedi, which will not exceed one per day each, but will generally be much less frequent than this.

3.2 All email and SMS sent from Yakedi will include details on how to unsubscribe from receiving future communications from Yakedi, and will be clearly identifiable as having come from Yakedi.

4. Unsubscribing

Members can unsubscribe from receiving promotional email communications from Yakedi by logging into their Yakedi account and selecting the unsubscribe option from their account management page. Unsubscribe requests may take up to 3 days to process. Unsubscribing from email requests will suspend your Yakedi account until such time as you log in and agree once more to receive promotional email from Yakedi.

5. Acceptance and Amendment of Policies

5.1 All Yakedi members and or users must agree to these policies, and accept that these policies may change from time to time with or without notice. Should the user not accept these policies they must immediately terminate their Yakedi account.

5.2 This policy will not apply where a user provides personal information to any website or company which is not Yakedi.com, even if such site or company has been promoted by or advertised on the Yakedi website, or in Yakedi emails or SMS communications.

6. Retention of Information

Yakedi may at its discretion retain all user information during and following useage of the site and/or account termination including account details, messages sent, user history, browsing details, survey and questionaire respoonses.